Resident Evil 3 Demo Performance Very Erratic on Xbox One X, Near-Perfect 60fps on PS4 Pro

Resident evil 3 remake leak opening scene

The Resident Evil 3 demo dropped yesterday, and the game is unquestionably a visual stunner, but a framerate analysis by YouTube channel VG Tech reveals some inconsistencies in performance between platforms. Basically, while the PS4 Pro provides a near-perfect 60fps, the Xbox One X is surprisingly all over the map. See for yourself in the comparison video below.

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According to VG Tech, the Resident Evil 3 demo runs at a full 4K on Xbox One X, 2880x1620 on PS4 Pro, 1080p on the base PS4, and has a variable resolution that can drop as low as 1728x972 on Xbox One S. Unfortunately, it seems the Xbox One X pays for its full 4K resolution, as its framerate bounces all over the place, occasionally dropping into the low 30fps range. Only the Xbox One S delivers worse performance, although not  by much, sometimes dipping below the 30fps mark. Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro delivers a near-perfect 60fps, only shaving off a frame or two during big explosions and the like, and the base PS4 mostly hovers around the 40fps range. So yeah, a pretty wide range of results for a modern multiplatform title.

Here’s hoping Capcom can iron things out a bit for launch (the Xbox One X version of Resident Evil 2 ran just fine). I’ve been going hands on with the full version of Resident Evil 3 and can confirm fans are in for a treat. Haven’t been keeping up with the RE3 remake? Here’s everything you need to know. The Resident Evil 3 demo lets you explore an early portion of the game on the streets of Raccoon City, and will take you half-an-hour to an hour to complete, depending on how often you get got by the Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 shambles onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on April 3 and ships with the asymmetric multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance. Anybody out there tried out the demo yet? What are your thoughts?

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