ResetPlug Monitors Your Wi-Fi And Resets It If It Stops Working On Its Own

ResetPlug Monitors Your Wi-Fi And Resets It If It Stops Working

Resetting your router eliminates 95 percent of the wireless connection issues that you experience from your home network. Unfortunately, it does require a fair amount of distance to walk right up to your router and cycle through its power again and again.

Additionally, it becomes increasingly frustrating when you have to continuously do this, and it becomes an ordeal in a multiple story building. However, ResetPlug will finally be able to solve all those issues for you, but you will have to invest $59.99 in order to save yourself the trouble.

ResetPlug Costs $59.99 But Will Effectively Remove Resetting Your Router From Your ‘Day To Day’ Chores

ResetPlug is currently available to purchase in the United States and even has details present on Unfortunately, it states that the product is currently unavailable, suggesting that if you want to get rid of cycling power to your router over and over again, you are going to have to order the ResetPlug from the company’s official website.


The primary function of ResetPlug is to check that everything is connected and then, it resets the router for you if connection to the web is lost. There is even a setup instructions page provided for you on how to setup ResetPlug. For its price tag however, some consumers might actually feel that resetting the router on their own is something that they are willing to do rather than spend $60 on a gadget with rudimentary functionality.


If you have to actively reset the router, then ResetPlug is definitely for you, or you could wait for cheaper alternatives to be released in the future, whose release time we are unsure of. Would you invest in a ResetPlug and put an end to your Wi-Fi woes? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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