Registrations Are Open for the Minecraft Earth Beta on Android and iOS


Ever since the concept of mobile gaming became a thing, we've been seeing a lot of big-name titles name their way to the platform. Minecraft is arguably one of the biggest games out there and that too will make its way to mobile devices. A few weeks ago, we got our first look at Minecraft Earth, an AR version of the popular title. Little was known about the release back then. Today, some gameplay footage has emerged indicating that the game may enter a closed beta phase soon.

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Minecraft Earth will be similar to Pokémon Go in many ways. The game will let players go out into the real world to find ‘tapables’ (the equivalent of pokéstops, essentially) and collect the resources needed to build, but Mojang does seem to have a few tricks up its sleeve over the competition. Even the official website now has a page up that sheds light on the Minecraft Earth. The game gives you the chance to create and build on any flat surface in tabletop mode with 3D holograms. Then place your builds at life-size with augmented reality and experience what it’s like to walk through them. It also features many of the standard Minecraft mobs along with a bunch of new ones. The game even lets you team up with crafters and create masterpieces together.

Minecraft Earth is coming to iOS and Android this summer on AR-capable devices. Minecraft Earth will use Apple ARKit’s People Occlusion to show people directly inside their life-size builds, and Motion Capture to trigger pre-set character animations in the game. The closed betas for Minecraft Earth will be launching this summer on iOS and Android. The number of available slots is limited, but they'll be in the "hundreds of thousands", according to the developer FAQ. You can sign up for the beta using this link.

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