Red Dead Redemption 2 Sales Momentum Slowing, Rockstar Lays Out Future Online Plans


As part of their most recent earnings report, Take-Two Interactive announced Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold over 24 million copies, which isn’t quite as impressive as it might sound. Don’t get me wrong, 24 million is a very big number, but the game only sold 1 million copies during the January to March period. It would seem RDR2's momentum may already be petering out.

If Take-Two and Rockstar want Red Dead Redemption 2 to have the same kind of longevity as GTA V (which has surpassed a ridiculous 110 million copies sold) it’s on them to improve Red Dead Online. It’s likely most of the people interested in playing the game’s core single-player campaign have already handed over their $60 – future sales are going to depend on multiplayer. Red Dead Online just left beta with its biggest patch yet, but Rockstar isn’t resting on their laurels.

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According to Rockstar co-head Rob Nelson, the plan is to introduce more unique open-world activities that will make Online feel more like the single-player campaign. In fact, three new roles – bounty hunter, trader, and collector – are coming this summer. After that, even more new roles will be added for those who don’t necessarily want to play outlaw.

“We are trying to take what we think is special about the world and expand the level at which you can interact with that. The goal is to be able to take hunting, collecting, bounty hunting, or whatever much further than we were able to with single-player. In some ways, we have to get [Red Dead Online] back up to the level of immersion that we were able to achieve with single-player. The scope for us to take it far beyond what we were able to do there is limitless, and that's really exciting.”

What are your thoughts? Has Red Dead Online drawn you in at all? What can Rockstar do to make it as popular as GTA Online?