Razer Phone Is the Complete Opposite of Nextbit Robin as It Passes the Latest Durability Test


The popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything is where a plethora of scratch, burn and bend tests take place to see if you’re getting the phone that you have paid for? Is the Razer Phone durable enough that it needs your $700 in the first place?

Well, after the Nextbit acquisition and Razer’s persistence to use metal bodies for the majority of its products, we’re inclined to say that the Razer Phone will pass the test but we still want you to see this durability gauntlet.

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For the price of $699.99, the Razer Phone features the latest hardware that you would expect from a 2017 Android flagship phone, except for the headphone jack. However, that premium exterior is what makes the phone heavy but resistant to damage and scratches.

The Razer Phone uses Gorilla Glass 3, which scratches at a level 6 and we’re surprised that 2018 is about to start so why didn’t the peripherals manufacturer use Gorilla Glass 5? Our gut tells us it had to do with keeping the manufacturing costs to a minimum otherwise how else would you see the 120Hz IGZO display or dual front-firing speakers.

Everything, right down to the fingerprint reader is made of metal, and even after being scratched it can still recognize if you’re going to unlock the device. Since the phone does not sport an AMOLED screen, the burnt pixels manage to recover after a few seconds, revealing the benefits of having an IPS panel on your smartphone.

In the bend test, the Razer Phone does manage to pass this gruesome gauntlet, but a small crack can be heard where the physical buttons are placed. While this should not happen with a $700 phone, it does not even come close to the tragedy of the Nextbin Robin.

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News Source: JerryRigEverything