Razer Phone Does Not Feature a Headphone Jack – Company’s CEO Justifies This Act in the Following Explanation

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Nov 27, 2017

The Razer Phone is the first smartphone to feature a 120Hz IGZO display and a combination of other upgrades that make this flagship a very powerful one that is expected to deliver smooth frames in games and a beautiful experience for media consumption.

Unfortunately, and some of you might agree with this, it does not feature a headphone jack, which is a sad state of affairs. The CEO Min-Liang Tan believes that its customers deserve a proper explanation why this decision was made.

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Razer CEO States That the Headphone Jack Was Removed to Add a Bigger Battery and Other Hardware Upgrades to the Razer Phone

Keep in mind that the headphone jack was not removed to give the Razer Phone a water-resistance rating. As of right now, the peripherals manufacturer has not marketed that its very first phone is water-resistant. However, the CEO explains why the decision to remove the headphone jack was made in the first place.

“I see a lot of feedback on the removal of the headphone jack on the Razer Phone – and I wanted to share some of the thought process when we made the decision.

By removing the headphone jack – we were able to increase the battery size significantly (I estimate we added 500maH more), improve thermals for performance and a whole lot more.

The trade off was not having the jack – but what sealed it for me was that we were able to get audiophile quality sound with the dedicated 24-Bit THX Certified DAC adapter – and I made sure we included that with every phone. Which basically means we give even better quality headphone audio for those who want to hold on to their analog headphones.

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On top of that, we’ve released the HammerHead USB C (retails at $79.99) and the HammerHead BT with all day battery life (US$99.99 – or free with Paid to Play!) which makes it a complete solution.

So in short, removing the headphone jack gave better performance, more battery – and on top of that, better headphone audio performance with existing headphones and the option to go completely wireless or jacked in via USB.

I can’t speak for other phone companies who made the decision to remove the headphone jack – but I think you guys can see why we did so.”

Phone manufacturers have honestly managed to cram in a lot of new hardware components that give a handset a unique set of features but that certainly does not mean the headphone jack is not an integral component of a smartphone.

Do you think it was the right decision to make?

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Source: Min-Liang Tan