Razer Converts Manufacturing to Surgical Masks – Takes the Fight to Coronavirus


Companies doing their part to help the emergency services fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a sign of a company that is well worth supporting both during and after this pandemic has been fought back. One company that has recently joined the fight is Razer, who are looking to alleviate at least some of the strain on the world's emergency services by donating up to a targeted one million surgical face masks.

CEO Min-Liang Tan has announced today on Twitter that certain production lines, despite the fact that the company has seen an increased demand for their products, have been converted to the manufacture of these surgical face masks in the hopes that they can protect medical staff and aid in the fight against Coronavirus.

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While other companies have called upon people at home to help out, such as NVIDIA later asking users to contribute with Folding@Home, or others like Microsoft having temporarily donated their software to help out emergency services, not many have openly taken action at a cost to themselves in an attempt to fight back Coronavirus. I would argue that it's time to take Tan up on his offer to all other companies with the ability to aid with the manufacture of emergency supplies for those that are fighting Coronavirus.

For everybody else, just remember the companies who put their own money on the line, large or small, to help out the people of this world. These are the ones you should remember.