RAZER DeathAdder wired is on sale for the low price of just $25

The RAZER DeathAdder is a wired gaming mouse on Newegg for just $25.54 which is almost half off the original price. This makes this normally $50 mice very affordable compared to other $25 mice this one is very high quality.

RAZER DeathAdder is currently on sale on Newegg.com as part of its Pre-Black Friday deals.

This mouse is perfect for someone who is looking to upgrade from their current mic without spending $60, these features of the mice are 1000Hz ultra polling, 3,500 DPI precision sensor, an extremely ergonomic design, and customizable buttons which your thumb can press. Giving these features a closer look makes this mouse even more appealing:

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  • 1000Hz Ultra Polling
    • this feature makes sure the mouse is giving you the best response time, just around 1ms, very speedy response time when comparing other $25 mice on the market currently.
  • 3,500 Precision Infrared Sensor
    • The 3,500 Infrared sensor is Razer's own precision Infrared sensor which allows for a very fast and ultra-fast high-resolution tracking which makes gaming with this mouse feel very smooth.
    • This mouse also does offer on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, this provides instant access to the changing sensitivity function of the mouse, with no needed driver installations.
  • Ergonomic Design
    • This Ergonomic design is amazing as it conforms to your hand shape in addition to the slip-resistant grip to make sure that you will always have your mouse in hand even during the hardest gaming session.
    • These design choices allow for maximum comfort while gaming for longer times.
  • Customizable Buttons
    • The five buttons that are on this mouse button are completely customizable, everything from the mouse buttons along with the thumb buttons on the left side.

With the crazy low price point of just $25.54 on Newegg.com but still showing as $44 on Amazon, makes this mouse a very good deal for the budget gamer looking to do some upgrading this Black Friday. On top of that deal, on Newegg, there is also a promo code of MKTCBL which gives you an extra 5% off the already lowered price if you plan to spend more than $100. The features that this mouse provides far surpass any other $25 or $20 mouse on the market at this point.

I suggest getting this mouse while there is still a chance to get it because I can only assume that the stock of this mouse will not last long!

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