RAGE 2 & Just Cause Dev Avalanche Studios Opens New Sweden-based Studio to Develop Current and Future Avalanche IPs


Avalanche Studios, developer on the upcoming RAGE 2 and Just Cause series, will be opening up a new studio in Malmö, Sweden.

The studio will be company’s third location and will focus on the development of future and current IPs from Avalanche Studios.

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“It’s been hard to decide where to open our new studio”, said Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche Studios. “Sweden offers many locations with potential, but we feel that Malmö ticks all the boxes. I’m convinced that the new studio will be beneficial for both Avalanche Studios and for the already impressive game development community in and around Malmö.”

The new studio will be run by Sara Ponnert – former partner manager at Sony Ericsson and project lead at Media Evolution. “Sara will build the new studio from the ground up, starting from a core team of senior developers relocating from the Stockholm studio, with local talent joining them”, the official press release reads. “Starting today, Avalanche Studios is hiring for a dozen new roles, with many more to follow.”

“Getting back into the games industry feels like coming home, commented Ponnert. ”I’m honored to have been chosen for the role, and look forward to building Avalanche Studios’ presence in Malmö.”

Avalanche Studios is responsible for developing the Just Cause and The Hunter series. The studio also developed 2015’s Mad Max for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The studio is currently working with id Software on RAGE 2.