PUBG Xbox One X Patch for Graphical Settings Includes 3 Options for Both Quality & Resolution including Dynamic Res


Bluehole has revealed more details about the upcoming graphical settings PUBG Xbox One X patch that was announced earlier.

As covered earlier, the PUBG Xbox team is planning to release new PUBG Xbox One X rendering modes to address the apparent performance issues with the game on Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console. Bluehole already states that it plans to implement a patch that offers two graphical modes – one that focuses on performance and one that focuses on visual quality.

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This patch is expected to be rolled out this month, and in a new post on the official PUBG forums, Bluehole confirmed this is still the team’s intention, although it might be delayed into December to make sure that the options included will function properly.

In the same forum post, Bluehole also provided some additional details about the graphical modes on the Xbox One X, and as it turns out, the two rendering modes will each have three options to pick from:

  • 3 options for Visual Quality
  • 3 options for Resolution
    • Dynamic Resolution will be added under one or two resolution options
      • Dynamic Resolution will adjust the resolution depending on the resources being used in certain gameplay situations
      • If frames are to drop, resolution will be lowered for a stable framerate
      • This feature will allow for overall stable framerate
      • As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.

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