PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Adds a New Infection Mode, Playable Zombies, and More


It's been a little over a month since the 0.13.5 update for PUBG Mobile was released on the play store. The update bought a seasonal interface, new SMG and a host of other changes to the popular free-to-play Battle Royale title. Today, PUBG Mobile receives another update in the form of build version 0.14.0 update. Here's a (more or less complete) changelog according to the game's Play Store listing:

Important Updates
1. New Infection mode and map. Play as Zombies!
2. New character system - unlock more appearances and skills!
3. Pirate main menu theme and Global Treasure Hunt!
4. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked!
5. Daily mission system improved.
1. Android installation package has been reduced.
2. Inventory UI adjusted.
3. Fixed climbing bugs.
4. Fixed a bug where characters got stuck in buildings.

The most noteworthy part of this update is the new Infection mode and map that brings along playable zombies. Additionally, there is also a new pirate theme in the menu, as well as some improvements to the character and mission systems. There's also a new character system that unlocks more appearances and skills; a restock of popular Season 8 items, an improved daily mission system, an adjusted inventory UI, and of course a few bug fixes.

PUBG Mobile Has Crossed 1 Billion Downloads on iPhone and Android

The full changelog isn't available just yet but should be posted shortly by Tencent. Based on the responses on the announcement, a lot of players aren't particularly enthusiastic about the devs trying to cram the title with new game modes. PUBG Mobile weighs in at a little over 3GB and that number will only get higher as time passes. A lot of players are gravitating towards the Lite variant of the game—PUBG Mobile Lite—as it is relatively less resource-heavy.

Despite all the complaints, PUBG Mobile is still massively popular among players worldwide. The title even generated the most revenue of all the battle royale games at the Play Store; an incredible feat for a game that has been out for over a year.