PUBG Adding Armored Vehicle Mode and an Underground Cave System To its 4×4 Map

It’s getting difficult to keep up with everything happening with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with updates and additions arriving at a furious pace. Case in point, we now have information about an upcoming limited-time Event Mode and some major changes coming to PUBG's new Codename: Savage 4x4 map.

First, let’s talk about the mode – those digging around in PUBG’s latest test patch on PC found a model for a new armored version of the game’s UAZ off-road vehicle. According to a PUBG Corp. representative on Reddit, this new armored vehicle was specifically designed for an unannounced Event Mode. PUBG just wrapped up its team War Mode, and will likely launch a new limited-time mode this weekend. Will it feature the new armored vehicles? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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In other news, PUBG Corp. has revealed they plan to expand the new Codename: Savage map in a big way. The map will still be 4x4 km, but they’ll be adding a system of underground tunnels inspired by real-world cave systems found in Thailand.

“We’re working on an underground cave system [for the Codename: Savage map] with plenty methods of escape. We were inspired by a cave system the team found outside of Bangkok. If you’re interested to explore that digitally to get a better idea about what this area is like, check out the Phraya Nakhon Cave. [The cave system] is looking pretty amazing. We still have some work to do before we show it off, but we’re excited about rolling it out in the next couple of testing phases.”

Sounds pretty ambitious! PUBG is wrapping up its second round of testing for the Codename: Savage map, today. The map won’t get a full release for “a few more months,” but PUBG Corp. promises more testing phases before then.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is currently available in varying stages of completion on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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