PUBG: New State is Globally Launching on November 11th

PUBG: New State is Globally Launching on November 11th

During an hour-long PUBG: New State online showcase, Krafton Inc. has finally announced that the game will officially launch on iOS and Android in more than 200 countries on November 11. However, before the official launch, there will be a final technical test that will take place in more than 28 countries, starting from October 29th to 30th.

PUBG: New State Could be One of the Most Ambitious Battle Royale Games

During the showcase, CH Ki, CEO of Krafton, shared opening remarks that were followed by presentations from Minkyu Park (Executive Producer), Daehun Kim (Creative Director), Henry Chung (Head of Publishing), and Sangwan Kim (Head of Anti-Cheat Unit).

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The company also revealed the post-launch plans for PUBG: New State, which included a solid and consistent flow of new content, global service support, as well as anti-cheat measures.

Developed by the PUBG Studios, PUBG: New State will be a free-to-play next-generation mobile game that will be available in 17 different languages. The game is set in the year 2051. It will bring the uncompromised battle royale gaming experience that is currently available, PUBG: Battlegrounds on iOS and Android, making it one of the most realistic and technologically advanced mobile games.

An excerpt from the press release states.

“PUBG: NEW STATE inherits the core of the PUBG IP and will have a competitiveness in and of itself on the global market,” said CEO of KRAFTON, CH Kim during the online showcase. “KRAFTON will continue to produce games that will be enjoyed by players across the world. We’re committed to offering an expanded experience based on the belief that games will become the most powerful type of media."

Additionally, it has been revealed that PUBG: New State will feature original additions that will not be limited to the game, such as weapon customization, drone store, a unique player recruitment system. The game will have four unique maps at launch, including one set in Troi, and of course, Erangle. The game will also receive regular content updates, season-based services, and improved gameplay as well.

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