PS VR Has “Strongest Title Count” According Gamestop CEO


PS VR has the strongest games line-up according Gamestop CEO Paul Raines. Speaking at the ICR Conference 2016 in Orlando, Raines pointed out that the title count at launch, will be big for VR in general.

The Gamestop CEO didn’t want to talk about the quality of the individual VR devices, but did state that Sony has the edge with the amount of available content at launch.

"The more important thing will be the title count at launch," Raines said. "I think that's going to be big. And from what we can see at this point, Sony seems to have the strongest title count."

PS VR and VR in general can result in even larger file sizes

During his talk, Raines added that he believes that VR will be “a big part of our future”. Gamestop won’t be diving in VR head first though.

"Once we know more about it, we'll plug it in," Raines said. "But I certainly think GameStop is going to be a store you're going to want to buy your virtual reality products at. And it will come with a variety of accessories, by the way--there'll be goggles and gloves and motion controllers and all kinds of things. So it's very promising in a lot of ways."

Raines also warned for the potential huge file sizes of VR titles in the future. According Raines, VR games can be even larger than recent AAA titles.

Yesterday, we reported on how pre-orders for the HTC Vive will go live on February 29th. Last week, Oculus announced that their VR headset, the Oculus Rift, is available to pre-order for $599/£500/€700. According Oculus, the Rift will be available in March of this year.

While the price for PS VR hasn’t been announced, a recent leak from Amazon, indicated that PS VR will cost as much as $ 800. Whether this leak is legit remains to be seen.

Via: Gamespot