Project U Fortnite-Like Visuals and Details on Classes, Objectives, Leveling, and More Leak

Nathan Birch
Project U

Recently, Ubisoft announced a rather mysterious new game codenamed Project U would be entering closed testing soon, but beyond describing it as a “session-based co-op shooter” little has been revealed about the game. Well, recently, an intro video for those participating in testing leaked, showing what looks to be a colorful somewhat Fortnite-inspired art style. That said, not much about how the game plays is revealed in the video.

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Thankfully, reliable Ubisoft insider Tom Henderson has stepped in with some details. According to Henderson, Project U is in fact, a game previously codenamed Pathfinder he leaked details about earlier this year. The unique twist is that the map will be divided up by rings of walls, with the goal being to get your team to the center of the map. Your path to the center of the map will be randomized from game to game and you’ll need to level up your character each session to progress to new areas.

Leveling up is a matter of achieving certain objectives, like killing enemies, defending targets, and capturing camps. Players can choose from one of four different classes, including Attacker, Defender, Medic, and Support. There’s also said to be a central hub where players can gather and engage in various social activities. Henderson previously mentioned there may be a PvP element to Patherfinder/Project U, but it’s unclear if that’s still the case or if it’s now strictly a co-op game.

Of course, take all this with a grain of salt for now, but closed testing begins on October 14, so there will almost assuredly be more leaks coming to confirm most of this.

How does Project U sound to you? I know Ubisoft has had a shaky track record with live services lately, but the concept actually sounds fairly original. Hopefully, they can deliver on gameplay. Registration for the closed test still seems to be open.

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