Project CARS Gets a New Trailer – 30 Tracks From Around The World

The upcoming Slightly Mad Productions in racing games is just round the corner and we have some very amazing news to share today aswell. There's a new trailer for Project CARS for us to showcase today but we'll get to that a bit later. The console and PC game has been nothing short of mouthwatering from the moment the simulation game had started development and people generously shared into the development. Looks like its all coming together into a very fantastic game. Project CARS has given the fans a lot to keep them excited, ranging from dynamic weather to numerous numbers of cars and some very classic tracks to keep us going.

Project CARS Slightest Attention to Detail Has Given The Gamers A Lot to be Excited About

Project CARS is game that is built for the fans and funded by the fans. The slightest bit of detail in the game is amazing and by its release in May, we expect the game to get even better. We have already have seen an Xbox One 1080p gameplay which shows us roughly how amazing the game may look on its release.

There may be many more trailer until the game releases in May but this one has it's special significance as it showcases one of the key areas in that game and that are its tracks and lots of information regarding them. Originally the game was expected as a release for 2014 but has been delayed due to 2015 because, let's face it, we don't want a game that's broken and unfinished. Lets have a look at the games trailer.

Creative director Andy Tudor said to IBTimes Uk:

“The game here is the full game… the game’s finished, but there are tiny little things that are still to be done, which we’ve seen other games shipping with. They get pulled up in reviews and they make the team sad and let people down who have bought it and think it’s a finished product, but actually there are things wrong with it."

“Project Cars is our own game, it’s not someone else’s IP, and we’ve been working on it for like three years now, so the team want something that goes on the shelf that they’re really proud of, the gamers that have been playing it for a whole time now, and who are waiting for it, they deserve a game that is really good.”

Do let us know your views on Slightly Mads widely followed racing game tracks trailer.

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