Project CARS – First Xbox One Gameplay in 1080p HD

Project CARS is an upcoming motorsport 'Simulation' game currently under development by Slightly Mad Studios. The game is un development for the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC and will be released on the 4th of April, if all goes according to plan. The game was canceled or the PS3 and the Xbox 360 but is still planned to make its debut across Steam OS and the Wii U. The game looks quite amazing currently with the recent releases we have seen of the game and what's more is that now we have a first gameplay of the game across the Xbox One platform.

Some Very Amazing Project CARS Visuals on Display for the Xbox One

We're covering a new release for you, the first of it's kind is the gameplay of Project CARS on the Xbox One console. Although this is not the final version of the game but its very close as the game approaches its newly announced release date of May. And this does go out to silence those thinking that the game will not have an Xbox version as soon as the other platforms. But here you have it and take a look at the gameplay video for yourselves below.

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Well, the game looks pretty amazing at this points and the stable gameplay hints that there might not be much more left to do since there is little room for improvement left. The game shows some amazing stability in graphics and fps at this point in full HD which is a good hint on what's to follow. The video above claims that the game will feature a lot of options for you to tinker with.

The video also shows how the game uses dynamic weather in its game play with some quick and heavy showers. The dynamics of the game are held up expertly by the different types of weather in the game where the team has added in beautiful sunny weather and to spice it up we have fog, rain and some hard lightning and thunderstorms. A good addition here is the ability to decide which types of weather you want in your quick race, where you start with a bright sun and pass through heavy rain and end in a foggy alley.

Another feature that sets Project CARS apart from the competition is the amount of cars you can race on a track at a single time. Where previously, it was around a max number of 15 cars, In Project CARS some circuits now allow you to have upto and more than 30 cars in a race. The Career mode in the game is also very dynamic and original probably because of the fact that you come up with certain weather conditions at certain time of the day which makes the game a much more wholesome experience.

Project CARS still has lots more for you in store. So keep an eye out for the game as soon as it hits the stores in May.

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