PowerToys v0.25 Is Out with Color Picker, FancyZones, Keyboard Manager, and Run Improvements


As promised earlier in the month, Microsoft has today released the newest version of PowerToys, its Windows 95-era system utilities. The development team said that today's PowerToys 0.25 release cycle focuses "on stability, localization and quality of life improvements for both the development team and our end users."

Some of the highlights of PowerToys 0.25 include


  • First pass on localization complete. 17 different languages. We know there will be some rough areas, please make us aware so we can correct them.
  • Logging added into the installer
  • Large sums of accessibility issues fixed.
  • Less notifications for installing
  • FxCop work is almost fully wrapped up

Color Picker

  • Additional color style selections such as CYMK and HSL


  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Better zone drawing improvements

Keyboard manager

  • Fixed terminal input map failure
  • Better app compat
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Ability to directly disable keys/shortcuts

PowerToys Run

  • expanded environment var searching such as %windr%
  • multiple crash bug fixes
  • Improvements on calculator plugin
  • Directly able to override theming
  • Windows will open to what shell you want
  • Better action key support
    • = for direct calculator
    • ? for direct file searching
    • . for direct for applications
    • // for direct URL
    • < for running processes
    • > for shell processes

Dev docs

  • Added multiple developer related docs.

For complete release notes, head over to GitHub.

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