Popular E-Reader Likebook Mars Is Available At An Impressive Discount For A Limited Time – Get It Now!

Ali Salman

Apparently, e-books hold their own specific place in our routine, especially for readers. If you're an immersive reader, you'll be interested in today's deal. That's right, the Likebook Mars is now available at a massive discount which you can avail for a very limited period of time. The product is not only productive but packs features which are not found in many e-readers. So let's dive in to see some more details on the discount and how you can avail it.

Get The Likebook Mars E-Reader At A Massive 18 Percent Discount

Before we head over to share more details on the Likebook Mars, we would like to point your attention towards the limited availability of the discount. The device is up at an 18 percent discount and if you're interested in taking advantage of the deal, be sure to act fast. Do take note that if you fail to do so, the discount would revert back to its original model and we wouldn't want that.

Get The Likebook Mars At Just $224.99 Here

In terms of design, the Likebook Mars is pretty plain and elegant. However, it's solid and quite durable than the competition. The most major aspect of the device is its display which packs the dual color technology. It allows for easy reading at different times and lighting conditions. Here are some of the main features of the device.

● 7.8 inch E-ink touchscreen: 300ppi high resolution, reads like paper without glare. Use a special anti-glare process, 16-level grayscale, effectively reduce the reflective light and protect the eyes
● High-speed octa-core processor: use RK3368 8 core 1.5GHz chips, features faster response, smoother page turning, lower power consumption, and more stable performance
● Built-in front-light ( warm and cold light switching ): protect your eyes and enables you to read day and night
● Convenient PDF reading: functions of adjusting grey-scale, edge cutting, re-layout, rotating direction would bring much more convenience to you
● Voice reading function: high sound quality. You can listen to audiobook and music
● 16GB super storage: support to accommodate more than 2000 books. Support 128GB expansion by TF card. Built-in 3100mAh battery for offline reading for 12 days once fully charged
● Smooth and comfortable touch: ultra-slim 9.3mm titanium magnesium alloy frame, delicate polish back shell, more durable, lightweight, and compact

Overall, the Likebook Mars is pretty great for not just readers but students as well. If you're interested in getting it, there is an 18 percent discount available on it, applicable only for a limited period of time. The discount makes the price come down to just $224.99. Simply head over to this link to get it.

There will be more deals in the future, so be sure to stay tuned in for more. This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the E-Reader? Share your views with us in the comments.

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