Pokémon Company is Airing a Pokémon Presents Broadcast Later Today;  Reportedly Focusing on Expansion Pass and Some New Announcements


The Pokémon Company is airing a Pokémon Direct-like broadcast later today called Pokémon Presents.

Airing today at 9 am ET, the broadcast will likely focus on the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield expansion pass, but it also said to feature some new Pokémon announcements. The episode doesn’t appear the typical Pokémon Direct broadcast, however, so we’re not really sure about what to expect.

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You can check out the Livestream (once it airs) below:

The first DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansion pass, The Isle of Armor, is launching today.

The first new adventure unlocked by your Expansion Pass will take place on the Isle of Armor, an island of the Galar region.

The Isle of Armor is full of environments not seen in Galar before—you’ll find wave-swept beaches, forests, bogs, caves, and sand dunes!

There are also plenty of Pokémon that make this island their home, living freely amid the lush nature.

The island is home to a dojo for Pokémon battles. You and your Pokémon will train hard to become even stronger under Mustard, the Trainer who is the master of this dojo.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available globally now for the Nintendo Switch. The second expansion included with the season pass, The Crown Tundra, releases later this year.

The second area unlocked by your Expansion Pass is the snow-swept realm of the Crown Tundra. See for yourself the beautiful scenery of this shining, silvery landscape! In this frigid area, with its jagged winter mountains, people live in small communities where they support and rely on one another.

A man named Peony will appoint you as the leader of his exploration team in the Crown Tundra.

You’ll then be tasked with investigating the reaches of this frozen land. And remember the Pokémon Dens that you’ve only been able to glimpse during Max Raid Battles? Well, now you’ll be able to explore their depths!

What’s more, it seems a number of previously unseen Legendary Pokémon make the Crown Tundra their home.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass can be purchased now for $ 29.99. Be sure to purchase the version of the pass that corresponds with the game version of the same name as you'll be unable to actually play the additional content if you don't.