New PlayStation Boss Says Fans Shouldn’t “Worry” About GaaS Model; Company’s Vision “Totally Different”

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Sony’s new PlayStation head, John Tsuyoshi Kodera, has taken to Twitter to reassure PlayStation fans not to worry about the “games as a service”, abbreviated GaaS, model.

Kodera took over Andrew House’s title as Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO back in October of last year. The former Deputy President joined Twitter some hours ago and has already taken the time to respond to a PlayStation fan who expressed his concern over a shortage of singleplayer titles. According to Kodera however, players shouldn’t worry too much about “games as a service” as PlayStation’s vision is totally different from the majority of publishers.

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“I will do my best to continue the excellent work done by Mr. @AndyHousePS”, Sony’s new PlayStation head tweeted. “About the issue of "Games as a Service", do not worry about it. @PlayStation's vision is totally different.”

Over the past few years, numerous big publishers, including EA and Ubisoft, have embraced the “games as a service” model, and developers are looking way ways to maximize their revenue of their games in every way possible. As expected, fans are loving Kodera’s quick and honest reply and we can only hope that Sony will keep delivering titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, the highly-anticipated Death Stranding, and many more.

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