Sony Considering “Various Options” Around The PS Vita; Suggests Possible New PS4-Vita Synergy


The PlayStation Vita hasn't been doing well for some time, mostly due to the lack of proper support from major developers and publishers. Sony, however, seems determined to find new life for their portable console, judging from a recent statement from the Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Japan, summarized by Serkan Toto, John Kodera revealed that Sony is considering various options regarding the PlayStation Vita, suggesting new possible synergies with the PlayStation 4 console.

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In an interview with Bloomberg Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Kodera says his company "considers various options around the PS Vita" again. This comes after his predecessor House said last fall that portable gaming is not a big market.

He says that while PS4 and Vita are separate machines (home vs portable), Sony is continuously looking for ways to offer unique game experiences.

Kodera also elaborated further on the PlayStation 4 entering the final stage of its lifecycle, saying that the company will spend the next three years preparing for the future.

While he doesn't use the word "PS5", Kodera says (again) the PS4 entered the final stage of its lifecycle and that Sony will spend the next three years "preparing for the future"

The comments regarding the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 are definitely interesting. Considering the Nintendo Switch success, the Japanese company may be working on ways to make the two consoles work in the same way the Switch does in its docked and undocked modes. With the E3 right around the corner, it's likely that we will hear more about the matter soon.