Square Enix: Games as Service Will Be The Mainstream Model, Future Titles Will Be Developed With That in Mind

Square Enix is set to follow in Ubisoft's footsteps when it comes to employing the Games as Service (or GaaS) model.

CEO Yosuke Matsuda announced as much during the company's presentation to investors. He noted that Square Enix believes Games as Service will become the mainstream model in the future and as such, Square Enix's internal studios will approach the development of future titles with that in mind.

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Titles that have become global hits recently have tended to be offered via the “Games as a Service” model, and we believe this is going to be the mainstream model for gaming in the future. In developing future titles, we will approach game design with a mind to generate recurring revenue streams.

He's obviously referring to huge hits like Bungie's Destiny or Ubisoft's The Division. So far, Square Enix had nothing of the sort when it comes to online games since they've historically relied on great single player titles like Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Deus Ex and HITMAN. Could the upcoming Avengers project by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal be a cooperative third-person online action game designed with the Games as Service model?

We may have a peek into Square Enix's plans between E3, Gamescom and TGS 2017. Stay tuned for all the relevant updates.

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