New PlayStation 5 System Update 22.01-05.50 Released; Adds New Auto Low Latency Mode Options and Improves System Performance

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Sony has just deployed PlayStation 5 System Update 22.01-05.50 and here’s what it does.

As spotted by Twitter PS5 firmware bot 'PS5FwBot', the new system software update for Sony’s console adds new Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) options to the platform. These options can be accessed via the console’s Screen and Video options in the Settings menu. When enabled, the connected TV will automatically switch to low-latency mode when you’re playing games. This mode ensures that your TV disables any graphics post-processing and displays game content with the least possible delay.

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PlayStation 5 System Update 22.01- Deployed

In addition to adding the new ALLM options, the new firmware also further improves the console’s system performance – something that Sony appears to have been improving ever since the release of the PS5 back in November of 2020.

Sony's PS5 is available globally now, although the console is still hard to find due to ongoing shortages. As reported earlier this year, supply should improve during the year due to progressive insight. At least, that's what Turtle Beach CEO, Juergen Stark, recently said during an earnings call with investors.

“Our expectation is that the supply constraints will abate significantly by the time we get into holiday”, the CEO said. “Not that we don’t expect shipping times to go down a lot or anything like that the abatement are expected, improvement and performance on supply on Xbox and PlayStation is mainly driven by the fact that we’ve all been in this environment now for, well over a year.”

He added, “So, our lead times for ordering semiconductors, all that, they’re like, they’re crazy high, but they’re no longer impeding our supply because we’re used to it. And we put the orders in well in advance. And we expect that Microsoft and Sony will be doing the same thing. And as, as that takes effect, the supply constraint should ease. We can’t predict it for sure, obviously, but that’s certainly what we’re assuming in the numbers and I would – I think that’s a reasonable assumption.”

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