PlayStation 4 Neo And Possible New Slim Model Might Launch This Year, According To Analyst


With the many rumors talking about a more powerful PlayStation 4 model, currently known as PlayStation 4 Neo, circulating online, many thought that Sony would take advantage of the E3 2016 to finally unveil the console. This wasn't the case, unfortunately, but there's the chance that we won't have to wait much longer not only to learn more about this new PlayStation 4 console, but also get our hands on it.

A few hours ago, Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong shared with The Wall Street Journal that the PlayStation 4 Neo and what seems like a PlayStation 4 Slim model might be launched before or even during the Tokyo Game Show 2016, which will be held this September. Sony has been asked for comment but has obviously declined to comment. While it's true that September is not that far away, we don't know when Sony started working on the PlayStation 4 Neo. Also, with the PlayStation VR launching this October in all regions, the PlayStation 4 Neo availability would allow VR enthusiast to get the possible experience at launch.

Theories on the possible release date for the yet to be unveiled PlayStation 4 Neo have been coming in pretty often. Only last week, Michael Patcher shared his own theory on the PS4 NEO and Nintendo NX launches, which will both launch during mid-2017, due to a few reasons.

You don’t have a company in the gaming space that’s better equipped to launch hardware than Sony. They’ve been making consumer electronics for 70 years. I think the fact that we didn’t see Neo here means that it probably isn’t coming out this Holiday. If it was, that meant it was already in fabrication and we’d actually know about it; I think they’re just going to launch PlayStation VR in October and then the Neo sometime in April-June, probably ahead of the Holiday. It’s easier to launch a product in mid year because you don’t have gift givers buying it, so you don’t have quite as big of a demand and you can actually satisfy demand from the fanboys.

The PlayStation 4 Neo has yet to be unveiled officially. We will keep you updated on the new Sony console as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.