PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita New Firmware Updates Disable Account Creation, Remove Account Management Settings


New firmware updates have gone live today for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles, and they do not just improve system stability, like the most recent updates released for both gaming systems.

The PlayStation 3 4.89 and PlayStation Vita 3.74 firmware updates, according to online reports, actually remove features from the two systems, as they disable account creation, remove some account management settings and require two-factor authentication to sign in. Accounts created on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as well as via the PlayStation Network official website, can be used without any limitation on the classic Sony systems.

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A new system software update for #PSVita (now 3.74) and #PS3 (now 4.89) was just released.

Changes for both systems:

- Removed account creation from the PS3/Vita

- Removed some account management settings

- Device password required for sign-on

While disappointing, the changes introduced to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems via the latest firmware updates aren't exactly surprising. Last year, Sony removed the option of purchasing content from the PlayStation Store with credit and debit cards via the systems themselves, forcing users to use PlayStation Network cards to top up their credit to purchase digital games. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita stores are also no longer accessible via a web browser.