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PLAYERUNKNOWN: We Want Battlegrounds To Be an eSport and a Platform That Goes Beyond Battle Royale


PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds might have been surpassed in monthly revenue by Fortnite Battle Royale, but that doesn't mean it's doing badly. In fact, the game is still the best-selling title on Steam and is also very popular on mobile devices after the recent launch on Android and iOS.

Interviewed by Eurogamer, Brendan 'PLAYERUNKNOWN' Greene pointed out that PUBG Corporation would like Battlegrounds to become a great eSport and that would entail fixing as many bugs as humanly possible.

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Really we want this to be a great esport, and it can't have bugs for an esport. Now, that said there are not that many game-breaking bugs, you know like you see with the tournaments, there's very few people dying from bugs. And I can tell you internally there was a competition in Korea a few weeks ago that led to a change in our competitive settings because of a certain issue that happened, but the team was very quick to go "okay we can fix this, let's fix it". So I like that the team is very reactionary to stuff like this so that, if we see something, we try and stay up long hours trying to fix it so it doesn't happen again.

Moreover, Greene also mentioned that while other games might incorporate Battle Royale inspired modes he would like Battlegrounds to become a platform to go beyond Battle Royale, too.

I would love to see more game modes coming into the game, and I think the event mode server is great because it lets us test these things, and if the public absolutely adored something maybe we'd look to add it full time. That's the whole idea behind the event mode to test some of these modes, maybe some will make it in the end maybe some won't. You know the Custom game servers, we want to give access to many more players this year, and have presets for Zombie mode or some of these other modes, even some modes that players come up with and maybe add those to the game. So we want this, we want to expand on that, and we want to provide Battlegrounds for people to fight whatever way they want to.

I want Battlegrounds not just to be battle royale I want it to be a great platform for people to create their own games. With our Custom Games server we really want to give fine grain control over what you can control in the game, and do it via UI so it's almost like modding - I don't know if we could ever allow full modding because of security and privacy aspects that you have to consider - with "modding light" almost with Custom Games, I really want to be able to give people a platform to create their own spins on battle royale or even other game modes that have nothing to do with battle royale. It's really just giving them a platform.

Battlegrounds is now available for PC, Xbox One, Android and iOS. A PlayStation 4 version has not been officially confirmed yet but may launch once Microsoft's timed exclusivity deal expires.