Fortnite Surpasses PUBG Monthly Revenue; PUBG’s Trajectory Slowing Down While Fortnite’s Continues Steadily Upwards

fortnite vs pubg revenue

Epic’s Fortnite has surpassed PUBG in total revenue for the month of February 2018, and there are signs that Bluehole’s battle royal is at risk of falling behind competitors.

That’s what research firm SuperData writes. While Epic’s Fortnite harvested in $126 million of revenue on both PC and consoles, Bluehole’s PUBG had to settle with $103 million across PC and Xbox One. In addition, unique weekly Twitch viewers indicate that PUBG’s trajectory is slowing down compared to Fortnite’s, which is in fact, progressing steadily upward.

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“Fortnite has already overtaken PUBG in many success metrics”, SuperData writes. “During the last week of February, Fortnite had 14.0M unique viewers on Twitch compared to 8.7M for PUBG. Compare this to their performance in the fourth week of January when PUBG had 8.5M unique viewers while Fortnite had 6.1M. In February, Fortnite passed PUBG in total revenue on PC and console ($126M versus $103M). While Fornite continues its steady upward trajectory, PUBG revenue peaked in December (the month it left Steam Early Access on PC and launched on Xbox One).”

Reasons for Fortnite’s continued growth might be related to it being free-to-play and more accessible. Also, the ongoing use of cheats remains a problem for Bluehole.

"Fornite’s advantages boil down to accessibility", SuperDate continues. "The game is free-to-play (while PUBG costs $30) and it arrived on consoles in September 2017, several months before PUBG. Fortnite also has an easier learning curve and is more kid friendly thanks to its cartoonish looks. These factors have combined to make Fortnite a bona fide social phenomenon, inspiring high school exams and finding its way into sports celebrations. The title’s recent mobile launch also appeals to young players without access to game-ready PCs or consoles.

PUBG’s slowing trajectory is not only due to Fortnite’s success. Cheating in PUBG remains rampant, and Bluehole has been forced to spend resources fighting this instead of creating new content and polishing the core gameplay."

Fortnite is available now for PC and consoles. PUBG is available for PC through Steam and Xbox One.

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