Platinum Games Fuels Speculation With New “4” Teaser Site

Nathan Birch
Platinum Games

There are clearly some big things happening at Platinum Games. The studio behind Bayonetta, Astral Chain, and other action classics recently entered a partnership with Chinese mega publisher Tencent, have seemingly been hinting at a return for their underappreciated Wii U  gem The Wonderful 101, and now they’ve given fans even more to chew on.

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Platinum has just launched a new teaser site, entitled Platinum 4. As the name implies, the site is basically just a big number 4 with the hashtag #Platinum4. Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya didn’t have much to add on twitter (his tweet simply translates to “Video 4”).

Update: It's been confirmed the Platinum 4 site is a tease for a series of four new projects from the studio, the first of which the Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101. The other three projects have yet to be revealed. My original wild guesses about the what the Platinum 4 stuff could mean have been preserved below for posterity.

Original speculation: Soooo, what could this all mean? Unfortunately, nobody has been able to dig any secret info out of the Platinum 4 site, so all we’re left with is speculation. Here’s a few possibilities…

  • The most obvious one is that Platinum plans to announce something, possibly that rumored The Wonderful 101 remaster, on February 4.
  • The 4 refers to a specific game,  possibly the fourth entry in an ongoing series. Of course, none of Platinum Games’ own series are up to a fourth entry yet. Some have speculated it could be Drakengard 4, as Platinum has had a lot of success working with that series’ creator Yoko Taro on NieR: Automata.
  • Platinum actually has four different games in the works, which they plan to announce all at once in a similar fashion to the Gamecube “Capcom 5” back in the day.
  • One idea floated by noted Nintendo insider Liam Robertson is that Platinum 4 is actually the name of the studio’s new self-publishing wing.
  • Platinum began as the Capcom second-party studio Clover, so continuing on from the previous point, maybe the 4 refers to a 4-leaf clover? Maybe Platinum is reviving the Clover name in some form?
  • Pikmin 4 is finally going to be finished and released with Platinum’s help. Okay, this one’s almost certainly not happening, but come on, let me dream.

What do you think Platinum might be teasing? Hit the comments and share your craziest ideas.

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