Gearbox CEO Pitchford Comments on Borderlands 3 Epic Store Exclusivity Rumor Following Twitter Ad

borderlands 3 epic store exclusive rumor

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to comment on the recent Borderlands 3 Epic Store exclusivity rumor.

Yesterday, the release date for Borderlands 3 seemingly leaked online following a tweet from the official Borderland 3 Twitter account. In addition, a Twitter ad for the game suggested that the upcoming shooter might be exclusive to the Epic Store.

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The latter raised questions among the community and Pitchford decided to comment on the rumor by pointing out that 2K is responsible for publishing the title, but that personally, he isn’t against exclusive platform deals as long as these deals are for a short period. Interestingly, he didn’t confirm nor deny the possibility of Borderlands 3 being Epic Store exclusive.

The Gearbox CEO also had something to say about his interest in cross-platform play and Epic’s leadership with cross-platform support, which might hint at the game supporting crossplay between consoles and PC.

Borderlands 3 was officially announced for PC and consoles last week. More information about the game will be released tomorrow.

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