Phillips Unveils QHD 245B1 Monitor With Light Sensor & 75 Hz Refresh Rate

Source: Phillips

Phillips has announced the QHD 245B1 monitor, which offers some fantastic features like its QHD resolution, PowerSensor, LowBlue Mode, Adaptive-Sync technology, and a light sensor. The Phillip B monitor series is getting three additional monitors the 245B1, 242B1, and the 275B1 monitors. The Phillips 245B1 is available from April 2020 with an of £199, or $249, and the other two monitors, the Phillips 242B1 and 275B1 monitors, are expected to be priced at £173 and £269, or $216 and $336 respectively.

The Phillips QHD 245B1 monitor features not only a 75 Hz refresh rate but also a PowerSensor alongside a light sensor, which allows this monitor to save up to 70% in energy costs

The Phillips QHD 245B1 monitor features a 1440P resolution as well as a faster refresh rate than the standard 60 Hz refresh rate. This monitor features a 75 Hz refresh rate that allows for a much smoother gaming experience. Alongside the faster refresh rate, this monitor features support for Adaptive-Sync technology. This technology ensures that there will not be broken or choppy frames, this technology syncs the monitor's refresh rate with the frames produced by the connected computer.

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To ensure users can continuously use this monitor for longer gaming sessions, this monitor comes with both Flicker-Free technology in addition to its LowBlue Mode. The Flicker-Free technology regulates brightness as well as decreasing the flicker that, while unperceivable to the eye, causes fatigue. The LowBlue Mode reduces the amount of harmful blue light produces by this display; this allows users to continuously use the monitor without getting eye strain or eye fatigue.

Another fantastic feature of this monitor is the light sensor, which uses a smart sensor to automatically correct the brightness to allow for the perfect picture with minimal effort from the user. Alongside the LightSensor, this monitor features a PowerSensor, which allows this monitor to save up to 70% in energy costs. The PowerSensor feature uses an IR sensor to detect when a user is sitting in front of the monitor. When a user isn't present, the sensor significantly reduces the monitor's brightness to cut energy costs by up to 70 percent as well as prolong the monitor's lifespan.

The Phillips 245B1 monitor is going to be priced at £199 or $249 and has been available as of April 2020, while the Phillips 242B1 and Phillips 275B1 monitors are expected to be available in June 2020 and priced at £173 and £269, or $216 and $336 respectively

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