Acer V277U: A 1440p 27″ 75 Hz Monitor On Sale For $219.99

Evan Federowicz

The Acer V277U is a 1440p monitor that is currently on sale at, which just might be worth your hard-earned cash.

Acer's V277U is a 1440p monitor that has AMD Adaptive-Sync technology, to make sure there will never be any screen tearing!

This monitor is on sale for $30 off the normal price of $249.99 which means this monitor is at the price point of $219.99, that is not the only deal on this monitor currently, there is another promo code that takes another $20 off that price bringing it down to under $200 for this 1440p monitor! That makes this monitor very competitive in the 1440p 75Hz monitor market, with many other monitors being in the 220 - 330 dollar price range.

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Acer V277U is lacking some of the major features that we have come to expect like a 1ms response rate because this monitor instead has a 4ms response rate. This difference in response rate would be non-noticeable because of the lower refresh rate on the monitor itself. This monitors a lower refresh rate of 75Hz which will give you a smoother experience that a normal 60Hz display, and along with the AMD Adaptive-Sync technology will make sure there is not any screen tearing withing your games or Youtube Videos.

The Acer V277U I/O is somewhat lacking as it only has 2 HDMI ports along with a single DisplayPort. The weight of this monitor is only a measly 11.9lbs although the attached stand brings up the weight to 14lbs.

This monitor might not have been made specifically for the gaming community, but this deal might just bring it to the forefront of the gaming community interest. The lower price tag, slightly higher refresh rate (than that of a normal monitor) and the VESA mounts (which are 100mm X 100mm) are all features that games take a keen interest in.

This deal is continuing until Monday (11/11/19) which gives anyone enough time to get their paycheck and go out and buy this deal of a monitor for the low price of under $200, and if you are looking to update your monitor (and you don't want a 144Hz monitor) this is an amazing deal.

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