UPDATED: Cross-Buy & Save Coming To Win10 & XO; MS’s Phil Spencer On Win10 & Xbox One Gaming; “A Journey” & “Focused On Best Place To Play For Gamers”


UDPATED: Cross-buy & cross-saving will be coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One as a platform feature. The feature will allow gamers to save a game on the Xbox One and pick up where he or she left off on a Windows 10 PC. This also works the other way around. Players won't have to purchase 2 copies of a title, one copy will work on both platforms.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios, has taken to Twitter to talk about Windows 10 & Xbox One gaming, following the announcement that Quantum Break will be released on PC as well.

More and more Xbox titles are being announced to be released for Windows 10, and on Twitter some Xbox fans seem to be upset with lack of true exclusive titles for their console. Recently, ReCore was announced to be released for Windows 10, and now Quantum Break, one of the most important new IP's for the Xbox One, will be released on PC as well.

Microsoft has high hopes for their universal gaming & windows platform, and the company wants to make the platform the “ultimate game development” platform for console and pc development.

Phil Spencer took to Twitter to answer some questions from the community regarding the decision to bring more and more Xbox games to PC.

According Spencer, more players, and more games, makes a better gaming ecosystem for players to enjoy. While Microsoft will be releasing certain Xbox titles on multiple platforms, the head of Microsoft's Game Studios points out that Microsoft will keep working to keep the console experience "great".

Spencer adds that Microsoft has more focus on Xbox than they have ever had:

Microsoft is planning to make cross buy across Windows 10 and Xbox One, a platform feature that isn't exclusive for titles published by Microsoft. Spencer adds that Microsoft is committed to offer the best place to play for gamers - a strategy that has been evolving over 2 years.

Although Xbox titles will be appearing on PC as well, Spencer states that a high-end gaming PC, isn't the same price as an Xbox One. Players play on their consoles because they love that experience. The same applies to PC players.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Is a console purchase still justified or would you rather pay more for a PC?