Persona 4 Golden Is Now a Steam Deck Verified Game


Persona 4 Golden is now a Steam Deck Verified game, according to the game's Steam listing.

The fourth main entry in the series by Atlus was among the unsupported Steam Deck games, which was likely due to it not running well on Linux, so the fact that it is now a Steam Deck Verified game suggests that work has been done to improve the situation on Proton.

Steam Deck Client Update Adds Per-Game Performance Profiles

Persona 4 Golden has been originally released years ago on PlayStation Vita before making the jump to PC in 2020. The PC port comes with improved visuals, unlocked framerate, and other improvements that make it the definitive edition of the game, as highlighted by Kai.

Coming in at a size of 13.63GB, this PC port of Persona 4 Golden offers remastered visuals that go above and beyond what the PlayStation Vita could output on its 544p display. The majority of the improvements are in the unlockable framerate and character models themselves. From what I could tell, the still images for dialogue and menus remain the same from the PlayStation Vita release with only some antialiasing touch ups to make them look better on full HD displays. The environmental textures and signage are cleaned up but so have a fuzzy and muddied look compared to how much the character models stand out. Cutscene videos also seem to suffer a bit of compression. Persona 4 Golden might not be the prettiest JRPG to grace PC's in 2020 but the style and presentation still hold up more than a decade after original release.

Persona 4 Golden is now available on Steam worldwide. The game is also available on PlayStation Vita.