PC Halo Reach Evolved Mod Announced; Overhauls Campaign to Make it Feel Like the First Halo Games


The Halo Reach Evolved mod has been announced for PC and is arriving following the release of the Master Chief Collection on PC.

Created by modder ‘The Vengeful ‘Vadam’, this Halo Reach overhaul mod aims to bring in certain aspects from the original trilogy of Halo games. The mod edits some of the enemy encounters and alters the weapon and vehicle sandbox to give each tool of destruction its own distinct niche in the game.

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Version 2 of the modification has just been released, and ‘Vadam’ has confirmed that this campaign overhaul mod for Reach is also coming to PC shortly after the release of the Halo Master Chief Collection on PC. We’ve included some general changes that the mod offers down below.

PC Halo Reach Evolved Mod General changes

  • Armor Ability usage is removed with the exception of the Jetpacks on Exodus since it's required to finish the level.
  • Player movement speed is 10% faster and jump height is 25% higher.
  • Carry up to 4 of each type of grenade, and frag grenades only explode "when at rest" like they do in Halo: CE while also using the Halo: Reach Beta damage values.
  • Crosshair has been centered, but there's also a non-centered crosshair version for those who prefer the original crosshair location.
  • Film Grain effects removed from each mission.
  • Edited encounters on some of the missions.
  • Edited view model positions, but uses original positions in the non-centered crosshair version of this mod.
  • This mod has had its Legendary difficulty rebalanced: projectile tracking vs player uses Normal difficulty value, and Elites do less melee damage.

As announced last year, the Master Chief Collection is coming to PC in phases with the first release being Halo: Reach later this year.

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