Paragon Aiming For 60FPS On PS4; K&M Available On PS4, Though Top Player Uses Controller


Epic Games officially unveiled Paragon as a third person MOBA for PC & PS4 (with cross-play enabled) during the PSX 2015 conference.

Since then, we have reported on the game being F2P and online testing beginning in January. However, a few more interesting details have been shared by Epic in the past two days.

For instance, during a Twitch stream they confirmed to be aiming for 60FPS on PlayStation 4 while answering a question about volumetric lighting in Paragon. Senior Programmer Daniel Wright said:

That's something that would be so cool to have, we would love to have that not just for Paragon but, you know, for the engine in general. It's not on the plan right now, we're focusing on 60FPS on console so that takes a lot of effort.

The hero characters that you have noticed in the trailer are also game ready assets, apparently, which should mean a very similar fidelity during gameplay.

There's more, though. Epic's PR Manager Nick Chester posted on Neogaf confirming that Paragon will allow PlayStation 4 players to use keyboard & mouse. However, he also added that the current top player within the team is using a controller (on PC).

We plan to support keyboard and mouse on PS4. That said, we have players on both platforms playing against one another, and there doesn't appear to be any significant advantage to using either input device. Our top player plays on PC but uses a controller. 🙂

This isn't a huge surprise for those who are aware of how Epic Games operates. In fact, the developer was one of the few to allow keyboard & mouse support for Unreal Tournament 3 on PlayStation 3.

Are you eager to test Paragon, Epic's TPS/MOBA hybrid? Tell us in the comments.