OtterBox Launches Brand New Avengers: Infinity Wars iPhone Cases – 20% Off at Launch!

Uzair Ghani

To celebrate the hype of Avengers: Infinity Wars, OtterBox has launched a new lineup of cases for the iPhone. They're insanely hot and are 20% off right now!

Show Your Love for Avengers: Infinity Wars with OtterBox's New Marvel Cases for the iPhone

The Avengers: Infinity Wars hype is slowly taking over the world as we speak. If you are looking to join the fun, and happen to have an iPhone, then Otterbox has you covered with a new lineup of exclusive Marvel cases for the iPhone. They are available for the iPhone 8/7, iPhone 8/7 Plus as well as the iPhone X. Needless to say that they bear the hallmarks of your favorite Avenger right at the back while offering protection which OtterBox is best known for.

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But that's not the entire story - for a limited time only, and to celebrate Avengers: Infinity Wars, OtterBox is offering 20% off these cases. Which means that you'll end up saving quite a bit of money while getting your hands on an exclusive piece of accessory for your iPhone.

Interestingly, the cases are available for the Galaxy S9, but they are not in that much variety which is somewhat sad. But hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Head over to this link and choose the case which fits you best.

Though Iron Man seems like an obvious choice for many, but personally I find the Thanos case way too epic compared to everything else. It gives the iPhone a really stealthy look while offering a fair bit of protection. Speaking of which - these cases are actually quite bulky and might not play nicely with certain wireless chargers. Also, while I have mentioned that these cases are available for Galaxy S9, but the 20% discount is only applicable on the iPhone variant. Be very considerate of that before making the purchase.

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