These are the Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone and iPad [List]

Best Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to type on your iPhone or iPad? We have a selection of the best ones available today.

Pick the Best Bluetooth Keyboard and Type Away Like a Pro on Your iPhone or iPad

Software keyboards have gotten really good lately, with the stock iOS keyboard doing all the fancy predictions and swipe typing to make everything as painless as possible. But, if you are going to type a long document or engage in an insanely long message thread, then a hardware keyboard becomes absolutely necessary. Today, we have a list of the best Bluetooth keyboards you can buy that are easy on the wallet, highly-rated and offer the Mac layout so that it offers maximum compatibility with devices like iPhone and iPad.

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Logitech K380

I'm literally using the K380 right now to type down this list. It lets you connect with multiple devices, switch between them with just a single press of a button and offers everything in a very low price point. Throw in some batteries and you will be typing for up to 2 years.

Buy Logitech K380 - $39.99

Jelly Comb Keyboard

Offering everything a large keyboard would, this one folds away to be carried around in a pocket. But that's not all, it even features a built-in trackpad. Once paired, you get a mouse pointer to work with, too.

Buy Jelly Comb Keyboard - $33.99

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Apple Magic Keyboard

But, I almost didn't want to add this keyboard to this list for two reasons: it has no extra features apart from being a keyboard and it is priced at $99. But, if you have an 'all Apple' theme going, then the Magic Keyboard might be the right choice for you.

Buy Apple Magic Keyboard - $99

Macally Keyboard

This keyboard is wildly popular in the Mac community and it's easy to see why. It offers the full 110 keys experience and can pair with three devices at the same time. The included number pad on the right is a heavenly addition for those who crunch numbers on a daily basis.

Buy Macally Keyboard - $49.99

Keychron RGB Keyboard

This Bluetooth keyboard has RGB lighting, features mechanical key switches, it's super compact with a 65% layout and offers wired connectivity in addition to Bluetooth for devices like the Mac. In short, this is the keyboard you should get if you want to type away in the most satisfying manner possible.

Buy Keychron RGB Keyboard - $84.99

Logitech 480

This keyboard offers a similar experience to the 380, but it has something which none other keyboards have - a cradle for your iPhone and iPad. That's right, you can keep your device upright or in landscape mode while typing on this keyboard, thanks to the genius addition of a cradle.

Buy Logitech 480 - $49.99

Keychron K2

It almost felt criminal not adding this keyboard to this list. Compared to the other Keychron in this list, this one's way more popular in the wireless keyboard community and people swear by its functionality. Who are we to argue, right?

Buy Keychron K2 - $94.99

That's it for our list. We hope you find the right keyboard in here. But, on a personal note, I would suggest going for any one of the two Logitech options in this list. These keyboards are phenomenal and a breeze to type on.

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