OnePlus 2 Confirmed To Retail Less Than $450

Omar Sohail

Just because OnePlus 2 will cost more than its predecessor doesn’t mean that the smartphone won’t be a worthy addition for a tech enthusiast. Now, according to the CEO of the Chinese startup firm, Pete Lau, the upcoming handset is going to be unveiled on July 27 and will carry a price tag that is less than $450. While the original OnePlus (16 GB model) featured a starting price of $299, times have certainly changed for the startup after releasing its price/performance ‘Nexus Killer’.

OnePlus 2 To Feature Sub-$450 Price Tag; Will Also Feature A Cooler Version Of Snapdragon 810

According to OnePlus’ official Twitter page, an image of the CEO can clearly be seen, with the executive quoting the following:

“I can promise that the OnePlus 2 will be priced under $450.”

Just to remind you, being priced under $450 is not an exact figure, but it will definitely get you folks happy, especially those who want to purchase a killer smartphone under the $500 range. However, Pete Lau has not stated which storage model is going to feature the aforementioned price tag. In an earlier report, we stated that OnePlus 2 will be available to purchase in three models, so let us hope that the base model of the handset features a large amount of storage.

Additionally, OnePlus 2 is also going to be running V2.1 of Snapdragon 810. While OnePlus and Qualcomm engineers have been brought in to reduce the overheating and thermal throttling issue of Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, another way of reduce unnecessary heat production is to reduce the clock speed of the four Cortex-A57 cores running in the SoC.

Besides that, OnePlus 2 is also expected to feature a complete metal chassis and a screen size that will be in between the range 5.5 to 5.7 inches. However, how many pixels will be radiating from that display is still yet be to be mentioned by other hardware leaks. Looks like we are just going to have to wait for July 27 to come in order to get the remainder of the details.

As always, we will be providing you guys with timely updates, so make sure that you do miss out on any valuable info.

Image source: Twitter

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