OnePlus 2 Gets A Decent Price Cut For The 64GB Model – Chinese OEM Wants To Dominate Price/Performance Market

Omar Sohail

After OnePlus X was given a ‘permanent invite-free’ purchase, it is now OnePlus 2, the company’s flagship smartphone that will become even more attractive for consumers looking to snare themselves a price/performance handset. How so? It’s because the smartphone has received a sizable discount. Can you guess its price now?

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 Carries A Price Of $349 For The 64GB Model – The Offer Will Remain Valid Forever

According to details posted on OnePlus forums, the following has been stated:

“We learned a lot from our first flagship phone. The invite system helped get the OnePlus 2 off the ground, and now thanks to both timing and scale, our operations have sized up to the Goldilocks principle of just right. So, why not let our fans join us in celebrating the fruits of our labor? The OnePlus 2 now has a price modification of $349, forever. If you’ve ever needed to give a friend another reason to join Team OnePlus, here you go.”

In short, OnePlus 2 now carries a $349 price tag for the 64GB model. With the 64GB storage model, you also get a whole GB of LPDDR4 RAM to work with, since the 16GB model only featured 3GB of RAM. Additionally, the smartphone is also incorporated with a Snapdragon 810, which is Qualcomm’s previous generation flagship SoC running an octa-core processor in ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture. The screen size of the device stands in at 5.5 inches and the software running inside it is Android Lollipop 5.1, with OnePlus’ custom Oxygen OS running on top of it. Additionally, the handset features a 13MP rear shooter with a wide aperture of F/2.0, along with a 5MP front sensor.

OnePlus 2

Battery capacity stands in at 3,300mAh, and there is a Type-C USB port present at the bottom of the handset. Perhaps the only complaint that we have from OnePlus 2 is that the absence of a MicroSD card slot makes it relatively difficult to transform the device into a portable media hub. However, if you do want a storage expansion feature, then you can resort for the company’s OnePlus X. For those that do not know, OnePlus X is the company’s first ever to provide a slot for expandable storage, as well as the first from the firm to sport beautiful AMOLED display.

The device is available on Amazon, and should only be purchased if you are interested in expanding your storage. Keep in mind that it only features 16GB of on-board memory, while OnePlus 2 stacks 64GB of it. After the discount, tell us if you would be interested in purchasing an OnePlus 2?


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