One UI 2.0 Will Add New Features to Samsung’s Face Unlock


Samsung Galaxy S10 users finally got a taste of Android 10 via the One UI 2.0 beta. You can read more about its new features here. We covered most of the features there are, and today, Sammobile stumbled upon a new one. It involves adding an extra layer of security to Samsung's Face Unlock.

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The first option allows you to what Samsung calls an alternative look. It is presumably for people who change their appearance often. For example, you can now add two versions of your face; one with facial hair and one without it. Personally, my Galaxy Note 10+ has never given me any trouble for shaving, but I can see why Samsung opted to add the feature. Unlike the Pixel 4 and iPhone 11, Samsung still uses the front camera for Face Unlock. It is a lot less secure and can be fooled relatively easily. The option to add another 'look' is a security measure, in a manner of speaking, as you get a little more control over what the phone perceives as your appearance.

The second feature requires your eyes to be open while using Face Unlock. It makes a lot more sense and will undoubtedly make it more secure. It'll make unlocking the phone with a picture of your face a lot harder. Ideally, it shouldn't work at all, but it has been known to get through once in a while. It will, however, add an extra moment or two to the unlock time as it directly conflicts with the “faster recognition” setting. It's essentially a trade-off between convenience and security and I think it's better to choose the latter.

Both options are under the Biometrics and security menu of the Settings app. If things go according to plan, then we can expect a stable One UI 2.0-based Android 10 build to drop sometime in December for the Galaxy S10 series.