Nvidia Working On GTX 670 SE; Earlier 660 SE Rumors Squished


The rumor mill is on a roll again. Earlier we had reported of Nvidia working on a third GTX 660 SE graphics card and the launch to be slated for end of July. Well those rumors have been squished with reports of now a new GTX 670 SE in the works.

So apparently now it seems that Nvidia will launch three cards namely the GTX 670 SE, GTX 660TI and the GTX 660 with no confirmation of when the launch will take place this year. PHK, a legit leaker in the world of PC hardware (every teaser he posts turns out to be true rather) has confirmed this as well.

Now with the mention of the GTX 670 SE, that means one SKU will be based on the GK 104 chip i.e. the 670 with the other two GTX 660’s based on the GK 106 chip. The shorter PCB therefore perfectly matches up with the 670 but then again the 660 will be itself an inch smaller than the 670 and being based on the GK106 will relatively also pack a smaller cooling solution for having an overall TDP of 100W.

Furthermore, the company's AIB vendors have started offering discounts on their GTX 570 graphics cards with various promotions to possibly clear out their existing piled up stock sooner than the launch of the new 600 series Kepler based cards.

This in turn points the possibility of the launch again to end of July or mid of August. We’ll keep you posted as we get more on this.