Nvidia Also Working On GeForce GTX 660 SE Graphics Card

Prominent hardware news leaker and Chinese forum member PHK has yet again sent out a teaser related to the upcoming third GK104 installment of the Kepler based graphics card by Nvidia known as the GeForce GTX 660.

Apparently this time the revelation seemed to be of a possibly third kind of the GTX 660, rather to be known as the GTX 660 SE. Earlier PHK and Fudzilla have confirmed the existence of the GTX 660TI and the GTX 660 itself. However, the SE variant will supposedly be faster than the GTX 660.

So it seems more of, Nvidia plans to cater all of the 300$ market and below with its 660. So it seems as if the TI variant will be for $299, the SE for $249 and the simple GTX 660 for $199.

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