More Details On Nvidia’s GTX 660; Shorter PCB & 299 USD Price Tag

With the launch getting nearer day after day, details on the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 seem to be leaking on to the web all over. And this time, the new leaks will have you go readying up to cash out your wallets sooner than expected.

According to a Chinese forum member who had gotten access to the graphic card’s test department, the card over all is VERY SHORT in length and comparable to the GTX 670 without the cooler off course.

Coming to performance, the card will be 3 to 5% FASTER than the AMD Radeon HD7950 and has 87% similar performance as the GTX 670.  And further if you’re wondering about the cost, we have confirmed from various sources of the price tag being $299 is turning out to be legit.

However earlier the launch had been slated for 25th of June which turned out to be a no go and still yet no valid launch date for the GTX 660 has been given. Who knows it just might be around the corner.

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