Nvidia Tegra K1 Detailed Benchmarks Revealed – Impressive Gaming Performance with Mediocore Compute

The folks over at Digital Storm have revealed an in-depth benchmark analysis of the Tegra K1 SoC and the results are quite impressive, atleast as far as the graphics side is concerned. The compute side on the other hand is fairly mediocre and is just ahead of the competition. However since the up side of the Tegra K1 is the gaming capability and 64Bit support, the benchmarks can be taken very positively overall.NVIDIA Tegra K1

Tegra K1's Gaming Benchmarks Blow Away Competition - CPU Performance, Not So Much

Alright so the Tegra K1 tested is housed inside the Xiaomi Mi Pad so we are looking at a real world scenario with constrained TDP and clocks. This means that the results we see here are very much indicative of the final product to be used in tablets and we can expect a slight increase in performance for devices like the Shield 2 and the Tegra K1 VCM. The gaming result is very impressive and if you couple this with the Unreal Engine 4 Compatibility demoed earlier you have a very nice combo. The 64Bit K1 is the only chip that currently supports the Unreal Engine 4 Full Desktop Render in conjunction with AEP (Android Extension Pack). This makes the Tegra K1 a very special chip indeed. Although it is only a matter of time before the compatibility is added to rival counterparts as well, until that happens, the soc has an advantage. Anyways, enough of the preliminaries, here are the benchmark themselves:


As you can see the Tegra K1 lands a brilliant score of 33,014 in the Graphics portion of 3D Mark which is around 57% faster than the closest competitor around (Adreno 330 with high clocks) and needless to say, pretty mind blowing. However where the CPU side is concerned, though the Tegra K1 is faster than the rest of the competition, it is only slightly ahead, which can be expected seeing that the performance increase of the CPU sector has always been slightly flat (as compared to GPUs).  Similarly the Tegra k1 manages to get an overall score of 40,111 which is once again the highest in all the competing tablets.Tegra-K1-antutu-overall
The Tegra K1 can be considered Nvidia's Do or Die attempt at entering the mobile segment successfully and so far the results look quite promising. If the Tegra K1 can get enough design wins thanks to its plethora of (currently) unique features then we might see the K1 series become an actual lineup, with incremental core count and architectural increases just like the desktop counterparts. With enough steam we could see the mobile graphics become just as competitive as the desktop sector. And you know what that means, more competition is good for the consumers.

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