Nexus 9 Coming This Month? Nvidia Mistakenly Confirms HTC’s Nexus 9

Google's Nexus line of Android devices has seen quite good reviews and attention since it's inception. There have been quite a lot of rumors and reports suggesting that HTC might be manufacturing the next Nexus tablet. HTC's 9 inch Volantis saw it's renders and specifications leaked a couple of months back.

HTC Volantis is rumored to come with Nvidia's Tegra K1, which itself is a performance beast. The Tegra K1 is a 2.5 Ghz 64-bit SoC which is yet to see mass market adoption. Well, that might soon change with the Nexus 9 being launched soon, and that too this month.

Nvidia Confirms Nexus 9 In Court - Also Claims That The Tegra K1 Will Be On Board

In court proceedings against Qualcomm today, Nvidia let slip a couple of details crucial to the existence of the Nexus 9 and the Tegra K1. Nvidia and Qualcomm have been at odds for quite a while over GPU technology. Nvidia claims that Qualcomm has been or is using technology for which it has not acquired a license.

In the court proceedings against Qualcomm today, Nvidia admitted to the existence of the Nexus 9. It also confirmed both the Tegra K1 and it's existence on the Nexus 9. However, the most interesting aspect of the entire deal is the launch date of Nexus 9.

According to Nvidia, Nexus 9 will be with us in third quarter. That makes it September and means that within weeks we get to lay our hands on the next tablet in the Nexus lineup. So stay tuned folks. This is some good news indeed.



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