Nvidia GTX 980M and GTX 970M Maxwell Mobility Getting Listing on Second Week of October

[Op-Ed] I just wanted to share a short update on the Maxwell mobility front and a follow up to our original article. As I have already told you before Nvidia is gearing up for a big reveal sometime around the Second Week of September and this will probably include details about the Maxwell Mobility series too. However,  some solid rumors spotted by Cloudfire (NotebookReview) seem to indicate that the GTX 980M and GTX 970M will launch around 11th October, which is after the time the Nvidia Reveal is scheduled.Maxwell-GTX-880-

The Curious Case of the GTX 900 Series Nomenclature in Maxwell Mobility

I have to say, the naming of the Maxwell Mobility series has been bugging me ever since it was revealed. I just don't get why Nvidia would name the mobility series 9xx. Sure, it makes sense in itself because Nvidia is shifting to a new architecture, but it does not make marketing sense because you would then have a nomenclature that indicates the mobility chips are stronger the the Desktop variants! Introducing a new architecture by adding the "MX" suffix is perfectly fine as fine goes, and they have used this trick in the past too, so why stop now? I have expressed my hunch for something fishy previously as well and I would like to elaborate on it once more.

The rumor that I mentioned earlier was spotted by the user Cloudfire on OEM Forums. It states that the GTX 980M and GTX 970M are scheduled to be listed in OEMs on the 11th of October. This is around three weeks after the time the Nvidia Reveal is supposed to take place. Now there are a couple of obvious implications on why Nvidia is going with this nomenclature. Note that these implications are not mutually exclusive. Option 1 is that Nvidia is doing this just to product differentiate between the mostly Kepler based 8xx series and the mostly Maxwell based (probably) 9xx series. This one is of course the most probable.  Option 2 is that Nvidia is introducing 20nm based Maxwell and once again wants to product differentiate completely with the 8xx series. There is evidence to the 20nm Mobility claim and though, logically, it appears probable, the evidence is stacking towards this. Option 3 is that Nvidia has done something radical and extended the digitus medius to the leak scene. This scenario includes the GPUs being entirely 20nm, or the desktop GPUs being named GTX 900 Series too, or both.

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