Maxwell Geforce GTX 800 Series and Mobility GPUs Might Be On the 20nm Node After All [Updated]

Update: The third possibility I mentioned below seems to be growing more probably by the minute. As pointed out, Chris Low over at Chinese VR.Zone seems to be stating the same: that the Maxwell Mobility series will be based on the 20nm Process. Though such a thing could theoretically happen, it still seems slightly odd to me that Nvidia would go out of their way to design 20nm just for mobility.

[Mini-Editorial?] [Tag Error?] Something very weird is happening. Either one our most authentic source,, has gone nuts, or Nvidia managed to troll us all. The track record of Fudzilla is simply flawless, so I am not sure what to tag this as. This is most certainly not a rumor. This is either quiet a big mistake on their part or we are in for a brilliantly pleasant surprise. Maxwell-GTX-880-

20nm Geforce GTX 800 Series and Mobility GPUs Launching in Sept - Yeah we know that, Wait What ?!?

We have strict policy about informal headings but I think this ones pretty accurate. I don't know what to think and this information is making the leak scene pretty surreal. We know for a fact (and even released an article on it) that TSMC has begun 20nm Volume Production; but the last report we got a month ago from TSMC was that the process was not ready for high performance ASIC production, which includes GPUs. That is very strong evidence in favor of the GPUs not being 28nm. Besides, every single publication on the planet has been convinced from various leaks that Maxwell's 2nd Generation is on the 28nm Process. That is, every pub except Fudzilla. And it is a mark of how much I value their authenticity that I am posting this semi-ed, semi-op, semi-rumor hybrid thing right now.

I hope any lack of decorum, will be forgiven for the entirety of this piece and I will get into what they claim right now. You would recall that a few weeks ago we broke the news that Maxwell Mobility (probably named 900 Series) will be landing in October. You might also remember that we purposefully gave no confirmation on lithography. The actual reason for that is ofcourse that I was just trying to keep my opinion out of the article; but just like every other well informed guy, I had no qualms that the 900 Series would be 28nm. But if Fudzilla is correct than Nvidia's Mobility GPUs are based on the 20nm Node. This raises a third possibility. That of the GTX Mobility 900 Series being based on the 20nm process while the 800 series is not, the probability of which ill admit is super-low. That would however, conveniently explain the 900 series branding and diminish the misunderstanding to an understandable err. Needless to say, you might want to keep a close eye on Gamescom news for any hint Nvidia might drop on the Maxwell GTX 800 and 900 Series.

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