Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X To Be Priced at $1350 MSRP According to Taiwanese Report

A report published by EXPReview.com claims that the Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X (or whatever it is called) will be priced around $1350 MSRP. That is approximately $350 more than the standard pricing of TITANs (single GPU). TITAN-X will extend the TITAN branding from Nvidia and will be equipped with a GM200 and will probably ship with 6GB of vRAM (with 12GB variants following at AIB discretion). The publication quotes inhouse sources and cannot be verified, so please take this with a grain of salt and as always notice the rumor tag above.

titan-black-4A stock photo of the original Titan GPU. @Nvidia Public Domain

Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN-X GPU to release at MSRP of $1350

Now you might remember the GM200 leak from just a few days ago and the fact that we know its specifications as well. Even though that was most likely a Quadro M6000 part the TITAN-X will most probably have the same basic specs, with a slight chance of Nvidia introducing a cut die initially. The full un-cut GM200 has a 384-bit bus, 12GB of vRAM and 3072 CUDA Cores (which translates to 24 SMM). A cut variant of the GM200 could have 20 or 22 SMMs which equate to 2560 and 2816 CUDA Cores respectively.

The TITAN branding was originally designed to target professionals on a budget who can't afford a Quadro card or don't need one, which means that double precision is one of the main selling points. This implies that the GM200 has double precision unlocked, unlike the gaming oriented GM204 which had forgone any decent double precision performance in favor of higher SP horsepower. Ofcourse, the fact that Nvidia is featuring the card as the top of the line Quadro Flagship M6000 also hints the same thing.

If the GTX TITAN-X is indeed going to be priced at the $1350 price point then you can be sure that it will fall at or below the $1k mark in a few months time. Any folks with deep pockets willing to buy it are better off waiting that long. The report doesn't mention any other details except the fact that a 12GB variant might be coming from Nvidia at launch, although I am not sure how valid that statement is considering the historic data. If Nvidia actually does manage to release the Geforce GTX TITAN-X then 1) it might cut a little into its Quadro profits and 2) the card will make for an absolutely killer SLI GPU, provided you have the pockets to support em.

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