Nvidia Geforce 800M Mobility Series Lineup Details Leak – TDP and Package Details

Usman Pirzada

Note: Though the actual leak is confirmed, the conclusion (Not Maxwell because of less TDP difference) is erroneous. The 800M series will have Maxwell GPUs.

I am going to treat you guys with an exclusive leak today, I have with me the TDP, Memory Width and the Package details of the entire Geforce 800M Series Lineup. And as far as I rationalize, there is no sign of any of the Mobility Series GPU being Maxwell. Sorry folks but unless I am wrong on this one ( which I might add, can easily happen), you wont be seeing Maxwell in 800M Series GPUs.

NvidiaGeforce 800M Series

Nvidia Geforce Mobility 800M Series Lineup Details Leak - TDP and Package Details

As always, lets begin with a few preliminaries. When the original CLEVO slides leaked, we had no idea what to expect however expecting Maxwell was the logical conclusion. The first hint that the series might not be Maxwell came from the fact that the GTX 880M turned out to be Kepler rebrand. After that, "new" configurations of the leaked GPUs came, contradicting the slides. An example being that the 870M was supposed to have 3GB of Memory Not 6.

However a recent leak confirmed the fact that the GTX 870M actually had 6GB worth of VRam. However with this leak, unless I am hopelessly off base , I can confirm, once and for all, that the Nvidia Geforce Mobility 800M series will not have Maxwell. I will provide ample reasoning for my conclusion in the following paras so feel free to make your own mind.

GPU Name Geforce Mobility VRam (GPUZ) TDP Memory Width (Bus) Package MXM
 GTX 880M 8GB GDDR5 105W 256Bit GB3-256 Yes
 GTX 870M 6GB GDDR5 100W 192Bit GB3-256 Yes
 GTX 860M 4GB GDRR5 75W 128Bit GB3-256 Yes
 GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5 50W 128Bit GB4B-128 Onboard
 GTX 850M  2GB GDDR5 40W 128Bit GB4B-128 Onboard
 GTX 845M  2GB GDDR5 30W 128Bit GB4B-128 Onboard
 GTX 840M  2GB GDDR5 30W 128Bit GB4B-128 Onboard

Now how have I reached the conclusion that there is no Maxwell? Simple, the TDP tells the story as clearly as the light of the day. If you compare the GTX 880m Vs the GTX 780M you will see a Wattage difference of 5W. One major reason for the TDP difference is that it has double the memory. Since we already know it to be a rebrand we have a range of 5W that we can safely assume a rebrand to be in. We also know that the epitome of the Maxwell architecture is power efficiency and Performance Per Watt. With that in mind, rationalization gives you your answer.

The GTX 870M we now know sips 100Watts so that is clearly out. The GTX 860M MXM uses 75W of Juice while the immediately comparable predecessor GTX 765M MXM uses 70W. Obviously not Maxwell. The same trend continues for the Onboard GPUS. The gap between the 8xx series and the 7xx series is well within he 5W bound we established earlier. With the lowest TDP 8xx sereis being the GTX 840M with 30W TDP, the lowest 7xx Series is the GT 740M with 32W TDP. However as any rationalist would notice, my argument is based on the assumption that the TDP of the Maxwell counterparts would be significantly below that of Kepler/Fermi. Thats all folks.


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